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Kristy M Chan (b.1997, Hong Kong) currently lives in London. Rooted in observation, Chan’s artistic practice brings together narratives of migration and displacement alongside a consciously absurdist and satyrical temperament. Her densely built-up paintings – often incorporating a distinctively kaleidoscopic and vibrant palette of jewelled tones – synthesise together dissonant, adventitious and sometimes surreal junctures she experiences, while simultaneously conjuring the dizzying cadence of contemporary life. 


Chan received her BFA from Slade School of Fine Art in 2019 and her MA from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in 2020.


Selected recent solo exhibitions include Molehill Mountaineer, The Cabin, Los Angeles (2023); Binge, The Artist Room and Simon Lee Gallery, London (2022); Strong Cookie, Prior Art Space, Berlin (2022) and Totally Not, The Artist Room, London, (2021–2).


Selected recent group exhibitions include Tabula Rasa: Unveiled, Frieze No.9 Cork Street, London (2023); Possibilities and Interactions, Yuz Museum x Forbes China, Shanghai, 2023; About Art 2023, Makasiini Contemporary, Logomo, Finland (2023); Women in Abstraction, curated by Lawrence Van Hagen, Hong Kong (2023); Immersed, curated by Jack Siebert, Los Angeles (2023); The Sky Above the Roof, Tabula Rasa, Beijing (2022); Femme-Ate, Soho Revue, London (2021); Space Shuffler, HART HAUS, Hong Kong (2021); Lichtspiele Des Westen, Leipzig (2020) and Haam4 Seoi2 Goeng1, Hong Kong Visual Art Centre, Hong Kong (2019).


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